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Holistic Fertility Coaching

Holistic Fertility Coaching offers one-on-one sessions to discuss nourishing foods, how to manage stress differently, how to create a loving passionate sexual relationship and gain knowledge to help make you a very fertile person.

Holistic Pregnancy Coaching combines knowledge and support from almost a decade of specializing in prenatal care to nourish mother and baby unconditionally through this most important time in their lives.

For several years massage therapist Melissa Lynum, LMT, has been helping couples change their lifestyles for the purpose of becoming fertile and healthy. She is a holistic health coach, licensed massage therapist, Maya Abdominal Therapy practitioner, and birth doula. She has been part of the birthing community for almost a decade. Helping people become pregnant and supporting them during pregnancy is her life's work.

holistic fertility coaching

Are you and your mate are having trouble
getting pregnant? De-stress and discover
an all-natural approach to help you conceive.


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